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Some poems of author Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh

Tuesday, 12/03/2019 13:59

When I told you that I loved you


The world will lose at least one word, one expression

The night loses its meaning

It is the burning of candles

You roll the wax to the toes

For better feel of the dark outside

A girl with a broken brick face

A shadow of lonely soul, running around, scared

A weak kitten asks for breastfeeding in the reed

A bouquet of flowers stops breathing on hand

(Please let it breathe on the ground

Rather than being cut across the trunk for romance)

Anyway, I'm not as crystal clear as a water drop

Don’t put me higher than the petals

Somewhere in the forest of faith

Capturing the fellers

Let me reassure myself, let it grow green

Your kiss sprinkles holy water on the moonlight

I find myself indebted to the cloud before the dawn

Love takes a lot of breath in the universe

I just want to be as simple as insects

Love each other with the lyrics as lament

Not to fatigue those not falling in love

Not to shade the darkness behind the fire


Only if the world were the same as before when you told me that you loved me

I lean on you into a mint leaf...


Little La La

La La becomes a small butterfly

The ground is full of flower footprint

The colostrum infused in white dawn

Sweet aroma all in the air


La La becomes a small butterfly

Hug the soft grass full of drew drops

The birds singing in the doorway

In the middle of the cry and laughter


La La becomes a small butterfly

Hiding after autumn fall

The winds also become so intestines

She’s here! Mother is here...


The room shrinks into a crab

Silver-haired ladies push forward

The old bed gets fluttered, the mother trembles also

The silver moon is boiling on the medicine cup


Mother leans on the paintings colored fully

The fetus sounds like fruit ripening

The wind roots along the wall and passionately sings

Magical rhythm rises, for a moment:

The stars overlap the leaves

Breasts stretch out into the sky

The intestines get connected endlessly

Dry hearts begin to melt

The fingers hold tight and closely...


Translated by Ngoc Hien

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