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Van nghe Quan doi kicks off “Lua moi” short story contest

The Van nghe Quan doi (Military Arts and Literature) Magazine held a meeting to honor its collaborators and launched a short story contest titled “Lua moi” (new fire) for the period of 2018-2019.
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chu phoong arial moi copy - The Van nghe Quan doi (Military Arts and Literature) Magazine held a meeting to honor its collaborators and launched a short story contest titled “Lua moi” (new fire) for the period of 2018-2019.
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Senior Colonel Nguyen Binh Phuong, Editor-in-Chief of the Van nghe Quan doi Magazine addressing the event

The event was attended by a good number of writers, poets, literary critics, and painters. Over the past time, next to widely well-known authors, there have been young writers newly emerging in the literary realm, leaving their traces via their works printed on the issues of Van nghe Quan doi.

In his opening speech, Editor-in-Chief of the Van nghe Quan doi Magazine, writer, Senior Colonel Nguyen Binh Phuong stressed that short story is one of the literary genres that the magazine attaches special attention to and the genre has also helped form the distinguished “trademark” of the magazine. The writing contest themed “Lua moi” launched by the magazine this time does not limit contestants to any writing topics and the organizing panel is willing and ready to receive and pays respect for all composing tendencies and styles, as long as the literary pieces do not go against the principles and missions of the magazine.

Clarifying the name “Lua moi”, Phuong said that the Van nghe Quan doi Magazine wishes to travel along with writers in their journeys to triggering a new fire of inspiration and excitement as well as new approaches to and thoughts about new aspects. It aims at bringing to life works capable of warming the hearts and kindling deep emotions among the readership. The organizing panel hopes that writers, regardless of ages and composing tendencies, will join the contest, showing the readership their talent on Van nghe Quan doi so that the contest may really bring a new fire of inspiration to all as the its name reads.

Nguyen Huy Thiep, a well-known writer, expressed his feelings when having chance to attend the meeting with the Van nghe Quan doi Magazine. Apart from the central political tasks, he put emphasis on the role of literature in the military in that looking into it people will see how the literature is regarded by the whole society.

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Writer Nguyen Huy Thiep 

As a soldier engaging in hundreds of battles during the resistance war against the US invaders and as the winner of the Second prize (there was no First prize then) of a writing contest of the Van nghe Quan doi Magazine, writer Nguyen Van Tho suggested that young writers should let all their love and pains overflow on their papers, as joining a contest means being determined to reach the end of the road and aiming at bringing home the First, Second, prizes or so… He also expressed his strong belief in the grading and selection process for prize-winning works of each contest. He said that young writers should believe in writers and poets of the Van nghe Quan doi Magazine as they are people full of conscience and responsibility to build up the “trademark” for young writers to travel fast on the literary road after this contest.

Author Tran Thi Tu Ngoc, a teacher of Geography from Ha Tinh, traveled hundreds of miles from her hometown to Hanoi to receive the prize of the year 2017. She shared that she studied historical characters, such as Trong Thuy (son-in-law of An Duong Vuong), An Duong Vuong (a King of Vietnam in the ancient time - the State of Au Lac), from a different angle in her short stories. The prize is the encouragement for her to compose more short stories to send to the new contest of “Lua moi”.

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Rewards presented to collaborators

Collaborator Kieu Duy Khanh (from Son La province) shared that he had not dared send his maiden short story “Goc dao gia tren nui” (An old peach tree on the mountain) to Van nghe Quan doi at first though he has much love for the magazine. Encouraged by writer Uong Trieu, he sent the work and received recommendations, according to which he adjusted and trimmed the short story. The short story was then printed on the Van nghe Quan doi Magazine’s New Year issue of 2015. Since then, Khanh has had five works printed on the magazine and the contest this time is really a great inspiration for him to send more works to the magazine.

Writer Luu Thi Muoi (from Binh Dinh province) told her story at the event, saying that her short stories printed on the Van nghe Quan doi Magazine serve as the source of her joy and inspiration for her to continue writing more after over 10 years stopping writing short stories. The atmosphere of the contest’s launching ceremony also brought her warmth as she had chance to meet great writers and her literary friends in real life.

For more information about the contest, please click here.

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Painters Thanh Chuong and Tao Linh sending their paintings used as illustration for short stories by Tran Thi Tu Ngoc and Luu Thi Muoi printed on the Van nghe Quan doi Magazine as souvenirs to the stories’ authors
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Participants in a joint photo at the event

Thu Oanh
Translated by Huu Duong