Thứ Hai, 08/04/2019 16:33

The poetry of many authors

This bouquet of the deceased/ Making victory but not sitting in the monument/ Of those with disabilities/ The sea of time cannot fill full


Flower receipt

This bouquet of the deceased

Making victory but not sitting in the monument

Of those with disabilities

The sea of time cannot fill full

I embarrass myself every time

Flowers hugged in both my hands

Pain like hugging the flesh

The blood of heroes or these flowers

The survivor - how lucky I am

Shells and bombs they hit

Mine is thousands of names

Thousand ones in a birth certificate

It is a chant rhythm, isn’t it?

Or their words from the ground

Small paper makes time stand still

Remind me, the alive one, not to forget

I live and still in my mind

Ham Rong Bridge tomorrow may change

The next generation may don't know the past

Green Ma River only on the computer desktop

The verse still echoes in our heart

I distill them into letters

Put my heart into the sound of the stream and the river

Listen to the pace of feet and see each face

Appearing in the color of Ham Rong fire

Replace the incense

The verse deep in the ground

Please receive your blood drops

Instead of the flowers

The verse flies to sky blue

The hero as the sunshine dawn


The meaning of the sky

The sky is white

Now white with people-shaped streak

The greener sea from the shirt of the one coming back

Salt water adds tears

The ground sets fire looking for

Sea waves fill up the eyes

The soldiers see each other

Originally a squad

The sky road we are flying

From the heart of the mountain

Towards the island shaped horizons

A chain in the sky

From now connect the alive

Connect those who will still go

You may ask what we thought then

I miss the house

I see a tray of rice

And my wedding photo

Those running small feet

Those private beds

Thinking of the wind shaking the flowers

How much I miss the afternoons

Or the runway at the departure

A loud laugh

A number running by

Don’t remember may be

Only overflows

Only flooded water

And a dark black

Probably not

Only know we are still in position

The thoughts re-surfaced the sea

You will touch a beautiful day

We still fly in the light

What do you think for tomorrow?

Remember us

To move forward...

Translated by Ngoc Hien

Proofread by Le Hoa