Sr. Lt. Gen. Luong Cuong visited and worked with the Military Literature Magazine

Thứ hai - 20/03/2017 00:14
chu phoong arial moi copy - On March 15, Sr. Lt. Gen. Luong Cuong, Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Standing Member of the Central Military Commission, Chief of the General Department of Politics visited and worked with the Military Literature Magazine. Attending the meeting were representatives of functional agencies of the General Political Department.
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Sr. Lt. Gen. Luong Cuong 

On behalf of the Editorial Board of the Military Literature Magazine, Sr. Col. Nguyen Binh Phuong, Editor-in-chief of the magazine, expressed his great honor to welcome Sr. Lt. Gen. Luong Cuong and representatives from functional agencies. At the same time, Sr. Col. and writer Nguyen Binh Phuong reported the most common features of the magazine, highlighting the results of the 2016 political missions and directions for 2017.

In the year 2016, the Military Literature Magazine has made great advances in both print and electronic versions. The print version managed to published periodically two issues/month and 3.4 thousand copies/month, an increase in comparison with last year while the electronic version reached 27 million pageviews, growing sharply from previous years.

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Sr. Lt. Gen. Luong Cuong worked with the Military Literature Magazine

The magazine frequently encouraged writers to keep up with the reality, following soldiers’ lives, deeply reflecting the soldiers’ sentiments to create a rich source of material for their works.

The Military Literature Magazine also successfully organized the 2015 - 2016 poetry contest with the wide participation of authors in all parts of the country with quality products. In addition, the magazine had collaborated with other units in organizing many writing camps on the themes of soldiers and revolutionary wars, contributing to the discovery and fostering of many young writers with literary creativity and strengthening its name and position.

Another special event is therecent successful celebration of the 60th anniversary of the first issue of the Military Literature Magazine (Jan. 1957- Jan. 2017) together with the receptionof the 3rd class Medal of National Defense and the award presentation for the 2015-2016 poetry contest.
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Sr. Col. Nguyen Binh Phuong, Editor-in-Chief of the Military Literature Magazine spoke at the meeting

The magazine had completed the 2016 period and was deploying the 2017 period of "The Plan for the Military Press Modernizationin the period from 2014-2018"; always focus on building the clean and strong Party Committee, Party Unit. The Party Committee of the magazine was recognized to be a clean and strong one.The magazine was recognized to be comprehensively strong and was given the title Determine-to-Win Unit in 2016...

Writer Nguyen Binh Phuong also proposed directions for the 2017 tasks such as continuing to strengthen the staff of the magazine; effectively implementing the Press Modernization Program; improving the quantity and quality of the magazine; continuing to organize writing camps about wartime and soldiers, well performing as a permanent unit of the Literary Investment Program; building the magazine into a comprehensively strong agency, a solid, clean and strong Party Committee; further improving the quality of the material and spiritual life for officials and employees... In addition to the results and directions for performing tasks, the Military Literature Magazine also had some proposals to the Chief of the General Political Department.

anh tap the
The Chief of the General Political Department had a memorial photo with the Editorial Board of the magazine
Representatives of military agencies such as the Department of Military Propaganda, the Department of Cadres, the Department of Politics, the Department of Logistics, the Finance Division, the Military Forces Division... agreed with the achievements and directions of the Military Literature Magazine in the period 2016-2017.
Sr. Lt. Gen. Luong Cuong approved the works, directions and some proposals of the magazine. The Chief of the General Political Department was ready to create the best conditions for the Military Literature Magazine to perform its political tasks. He posedseveral issues that the Editorial Board should consider: The Military Literature Magazine has a heavy duty, high requirements for the quality of art content. Therefore, the Editorial Board must always maintain the principles and purposes of the magazine and closely follow soldiers’ lives, trying to improve the quality of the magazine, paying attention to the content, form, political orientation, richness of meaning, attractiveness to readers. The focus task was to build people, making the best use of the existing team, actively detecting, fostering and adding to the current contingent. Everyone in the collective must renew themselves, improve themselves. The Editorial Board also needs to pay attention to resolving the policy for the staff’s families, attaching importance to building a clean and strong Party Committee, a comprehensively strong agency, paying attention to the high internal unity, leading the magazine to strictly follow the 4th Party Central Committee’s Resolution. Sr. Lt. Gen. Luong Cuong also stressed that the Military Literature Magazine is a place of credibility, prestige and influence in the literary life of the country, so it must hold that faith for readers and writers.
The General expressed his affection and trust for the 60-year-old magazine, believing in the present contingent of writers of the magazine. He sent best wishes to all the officers, soldiers of the magazine and their families.

Translated by VU HUNG
Photos: Vu Thanh Duy

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